An Urban Hotel for Insects An Urban Hotel for Insects

An Urban Hotel for Insects

by Andrew Price

July 16, 2010

The British real estate company British Land and the City of London recently held a unique architecture competition called Beyond the Hive. The challenge: Design dense urban housing facilities ... for insects and arachnids. The designs were supposed to provide specific habitats for a variety of species including spiders, moths, and beetles. Arup Associates prevailed with a bookshelf-like structure with compartments arranged in a Voronoi pattern that can be stuffed with whatever kinds of soil or detritus a specific species needs. You can see it and a few of the other designs here.

I'm wonder how much research into specific insects' needs went into the design. Beetles, for example, might not be accustomed to climbing up into a structure like this. But in general, it's great that cities are beginning to think about proactive ways of providing habitats for other species in our cities. A similar idea for larger animals was bandied about in Leeds last summer.

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An Urban Hotel for Insects