Ancient Hairless Magical Mexican Dogs Still Healing?

The Xoloitzcuintli, a breed of ancient Mexican dog-of which half are oddly un-furred-were once revered by the Aztecs for their supposed healing powers. Yet even in the face of debunking by doctors, a host of contemporary advocates maintain Xolos' propensity to magically regenerate the ill.

One Aztec belief was that if you take the dog to bed with you for three nights, the disease will go from you to the dog, says the president of the Xolo Club of America-who happens to be a non-believer. Another woman says the dogs ease her pain, serving as live water bottles that she places around her neck while driving.

Some owners and doctors believe that the animals' warmth-which radiates with greater intensity due to the lack of hair-rests at the root of the myth. Still others go on in faith.

Via ABC News