Animated Short Sums Up America's Education Problem

If this is the way the world already views our education system, we better get to fixing things right away.


If you thought Waiting for Superman oversimplified the issues plaguing America's education system—casting teachers' unions as villains and seemingly labeling charter schools as panacea—wait until you see this Taiwanese animated short that sums up the Davis Guggenheim doc.

The scene depicting the success and then failure of Michelle Rhee and Adrian Fenty, which is worthy of a video game trailer produced by Rockstar Games, is particularly amusing. The last couple of scenes, however, are demoralizing: One illustrates American students' lagging behind in math and science (but leading the world in ego); the other asks how the next crop of American adults will compete in the global workforce.

If this is the way the world already views us, we better get to fixing things...yesterday.

Via Politico's Ben Smith.