Education: Morning Roundup, Teachers Against Waiting for 'Superman'

Teacher protests, pro-Islamic textbooks, and more!

Morning Roundup:

From The New York Post: Protesting teachers give Waiting for 'Superman' an "F"

About 50 public-school teachers and parents of students -- some dressed in Superman costumes -- raged against "Waiting for 'Superman'" before a sold-out screening on the Upper West Side last night.

The State Board of Education on Friday narrowly approved a resolution that instructs textbook publishers to counter a "pro-Islamic/anti-Christian bias" that proponents say is pervasive in world history books.
Once a year, there is a mass migration of the intelligentsia to Long Beach, Calif. There, inside the Long Beach Performing Arts Center, a block from the Pacific Ocean, they gather for four days to share ideas and score gift bags at the TED Conference. Sold out a year in advance, the conference has scholars, scientists, musicians as speakers. They are boldface names: Bill Clinton, Steve Jobs, Jane Goodall. And as for any A-list party, an invitation is required.
From NBC's Meet the Press: Rhee: Education reform can continue in D.C.\n
Arne Duncan, Michelle Rhee, Robert Bobb, and Randi Weingarten join David Gregory to discuss the role of government in fixing U.S. schools.


Photo via Angel Gonzalez for the Grassroots Education Movement