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Announcement: The New GOOD Pets Hub Launches Today!

This post is brought to you by GOOD, in partnership with Purina ONE®. We're teaming up to share stories about how pets—and the people who love...

This post is brought to you by GOOD, in partnership with PurinaONE®. We're teaming up to share stories about how pets—and the people who love them—can brighten lives and strengthen our communities. Read more stories on the GOOD Pets hub.

Our pets mean a lot to us, as family members, best friends, and good neighbors. They're there for us when we're having tough times, and they bring us closer to our surrounding communities. A conversation about pets is almost always a great way to break the ice, and most definitely an opportunity to learn something new.

Beyond being personal companions, pets inspire creativity and healthy ways of living in our community. Do you know about an inspiring pet story or do you have one of your own? GOOD and Purina ONE are teaming up throughout 2013 to bring you the GOOD Pets hub, where you can share posts about pet care, adoptions, or animal heroes. Starting today, we'll be bringing you more than cute and fuzzy posts about cats and dogs. We’ll provide food for thought, including content like:

  • Pet Diaries: Our continuing column features comedians, authors, musicians, and other pet owners writing about how their relationships with their neighbors and communities changed after pets came into their lives.
  • Profiles about animal shelters and nonprofits that are finding inspiring ways to get their communities involved.
  • Stories about people who are driven by curiosity to fuel change in their neighborhoods.
  • A series elevating the extraordinary pet research that's helping to improve the lives of our companions, including mapping the dog genome, studying dog happiness, tracking cat ancestry, and working on ways to help sustain a bright mind for dogs as they age.
  • A GOOD Guide to keeping your pet healthy and happy in an urban city.
  • Infographics that will include scientific facts about pets.
  • And Maker Challenges, which will result in donations to a pet welfare nonprofit or shelter.
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So, follow the GOOD Pets hub and every week read heartfelt, funny, and smart stories that will make you think differently about pets and their place in our world. We’ll also be offering ways for you to get more involved in your community with your pets, so that you can make the most out of being a pet owner.

Illustration by Jessica De Jesus

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