Coming Soon: The New GOOD Pets Hub Coming Soon: The New GOOD Pets Hub

Coming Soon: The New GOOD Pets Hub

by GOOD Partner

February 28, 2013

This post is brought to you by GOOD, in partnership with Purina ONE®

Whether you've had a pet since the day you were born, or you're deciding to take on the responsibility for the first time as an adult, being a pet owner is a lot of fun—and a life-changing commitment. Pets not only become as close to you as your family members and best friends, they also have a unique way of bringing you closer to your neighborhood and community.

To celebrate the pets in our lives, GOOD and Purina ONE are teaming up throughout 2013 to bring you stories about how pets are connected to our everyday lives in more ways than you may realize. Starting on Monday, March 4, we'll be bringing you more than cute and fuzzy posts about our cuddly friends. We’ll provide food for thought, including content like:

  • Profiles celebrating not only pets in our personal lives, but also animal shelters and nonprofits that are finding inspiring ways to get the community involved.
  • A series elevating the extraordinary pet research that's helping to improve the lives of our companions, including mapping the dog genome, studying dog happiness, tracking cat ancestry, and working on ways to help sustain a bright mind for dogs as they age.
  • Stories about people who are driven by curiosity to fuel change in their neighborhoods.
  • Infographics that include fascinating scientific facts about pets.
  • And there's more, like Maker Challenges, which will result in donations to a pet welfare nonprofit or shelter.

So, stay tuned. GOOD and Purina ONE are launching the new GOOD Pets hub on Monday, March 4, and we can't wait to hear from you about your own pet stories.

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Coming Soon: The New GOOD Pets Hub