Announcing the Small Business Collaborative

GOOD and UPS are teaming up to present content about how small businesses are helping to transform their neighborhoods (and beyond) for the better.

This post is brought to you by GOOD, with support from UPS

To start a small business, it takes courage. To keep one running, it takes passion, an eye for new ideas, and the support of a loyal community.

To celebrate and spread the word about the small businesses that are thriving in communities across the country, GOOD and UPS have teamed up to bring you the Small Business Collaborative. Starting on Monday, September 24 and for the next three months, we'll be talking about businesses that are helping to transform their neighborhoods (and beyond) for the better, including content like:

  • The Small Business Collaborative topic page, which will provide the latest links, conversation starters, and thought-provoking articles from the world of small business.
  • Twice a month we'll have articles on a noteworthy small business that's successful and also doing something extra to add social and community value.
  • Original videos about four successful small businesses that are using innovative approaches to improve customer service, global expansion, cost cutting, and environmental responsibility.
  • And there's more, so stay tuned in the coming weeks. We've also got infographics, a top secret event, and in a few weeks, we'll announce details for the second annual Green Side of Business program, which gives one small businesses a grant to improve their sustainability.
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