Announcing the Top 40 Businesses in the GOOD Company Project

Get to know the GOOD Company Project's top 40 businesses in a new way.

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Last summer, we set out to answer the question: “What does a GOOD company look like?” The GOOD Company Project was our quest to learn about midsize companies creating change and becoming industry leaders. It led us to innovative companies from all over the world that are making products and services that span from environmentally-conscious cleaning products to boxed snack crackers to electric cars. While these companies are incredibly diverse, all are working towards a smarter and better world. And after months of sharing their stories, we’re proud to present our list of the top 40 businesses that we think best represent the values of GOOD companies.

To help you get to know these 40 companies, we’ve created the GOOD Company Project interactive experience that lets you select and sort them by the industries you're interested in or by the GOOD badges they have earned. You can read related articles and watch exclusive videos and interviews to learn more about how these companies operate and their business philosophies. Plus, you can see how the companies stack up against each other by filtering by the different categories.

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