Architecture for Humanity Design Contest: "Safe Trestles" Architecture for Humanity Design Contest: "Safe Trestles"
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Architecture for Humanity Design Contest: "Safe Trestles"

by Patrick James

March 5, 2010
The Southern California beach Trestles, named after the nearby railroad tracks running up and down the coastline, is home to some of the most consistently good waves in the United States. It's also one of the most beautiful, ecologically diverse areas in the state. But Trestles lacks safe coastal access: To get to the beach, visiting surfers have to walk down man-made trails (presenting a threat to the fragile ecosystem) and cross that aforementioned set of active railroad tracks (presenting a threat to themselves). The question is: How do you provide safe coastal access to the beach while also preserving the beautiful, natural ecosystem?To answer, Architecture for Humanity is holding an awesome design competition:
This coalition is looking for cohesive designs that eliminate the danger of crossing active train tracks, help to restore wetlands that have been damaged by the present path, preserve and improve vistas, and offer education about the history of the site and the beach marsh environment. The new path should ensure continued access to the resources by all members of our community and adhere to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.While placing no limitations on the originality or imaginativeness of design ideas, we are looking for tangible low-impact solutions that can actually be built at a future date. Ideally, the winning entry will be sensitive to the remote and undisturbed nature of the area-providing safe access without compromising the pristine environment and views of this rare example of natural Southern California coast.
Sounds brilliant. The registration deadline is April 17. Learn more about how you can enter here.Thanks, Jordan!
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Architecture for Humanity Design Contest: "Safe Trestles"