Awesome Member of the Week: Jepranshu Aganivanshi Works to Build Sustainable Futures

GOOD is featuring interviews of devoted members each week on Jepranshu Aganivanshi is an ekistics planner, architect, and knowledge enthusiast. Follow him and you'll learn a lot about urban planning.

A 'Do' I want to share with the world

Like we clean our houses, we should also contribute in enhancing the efficiency of the cities we live in. Everything can’t be done on a municipal or authority level.

Best advice I've ever gotten

Explore your ideas and be creative. The little things make the real change.

Worst advice I've ever gotten

An individual can’t do anything alone.

Book I'd recommend

Bhagvad Gita - it carries the essence of humanity and explains effectively the purpose of a human being. It's an effective tool to discover the inner strengths of oneself.

My hero

Indian nationalist Subhash Chandra Bose – his intelligence and self-determination were incomparable to most of his contemporaries'. Dr. A.P.J. Kalam is also someone I admire for designing PURA (Public Amenities in Rural Area) which provides guidelines for an Urban-Rural Continuum for the sustainable development of India.

My favorite teacher

Nature - if one is a keen observer, then he may learn a lot of things directly from the natural activities and processes.

My biggest goal for 2014

There are many things in the pipeline and the focus for the year is on gaining knowledge. Life as a whole is a learning experience. The other focus is to act as an active contributor in building a better and sustainable future of the human settlements.

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