(Back) Into the Wild

Photographer Lucas Foglia has a fascinating series of prints of the "re-wilding" movement in the southeastern United States. His subjects are people who've made a deliberate attempt to free themselves from society's "domesticating" influence and reconnect with man's more feral roots. They make (some of) their own clothes and shelter and, it appears, hunt and gather for food.We're not sure that rejecting modern society and all its innovations (Advil, the printing press, etc.) is going to make for a happier humanity overall, and it's easy to dismiss these folks as Luddites, but this re-wilding manifesto is probably less crazy than it seems. As any evolutionary biologist will tell you, human brains evolved in a very different social and psychological environment than we live in now. Some experiments suggest that our brains are better suited for a Pleistocene life than a postmodern one. Then again, if we all went back to into the wild we wouldn't have evolutionary biologists-or cameras.Via PSFK.