A woman freaked out over the 'lady parts' on the bears on her daughter's christening cake.

Do you thin she’s overreacting?

Do you think the cute little sugar bear in the tweet below looks like it has a vagina? You probably do, because I planted the idea in your head. Now all you see is a buck-naked bear flashing its va-jay-jay to the world.

That’s exactly what Sharon Green of Bolton, England saw when she looked at the bears on her daughter’s christening cake she bought from Occasion Cakes. Green was “shocked” at the “totally inappropriate” line on the bears, and hounded the bakery to give her her money back.


Occasion Cakes’ owners explained their response to the Bolton News. “We have been making girl and boy teddies this way for 30 years and no one has ever drawn such a bizarre, and, quite frankly, distasteful, connection...” the cake shop said. “The small bear on top of the cake is exactly that — a teddy bear — and the crease on its stomach is supposed to represent the seam where the bear is sewn together.”

So it’s confirmed, the indentation is not supposed to represent female genitalia. As you can see below, the bakery added flowers to preserve the bears’ modesty.


We can all agree the flowers just make it creepier, right? Now the bears just look like they’re on a softcore photo shoot. In the end, Green did not get a refund for her that she weirdly sexualized.