Introducing: The Bed Tent

Dying for a little privacy?

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Everyone needs some for privacy from time to time. Especially if you share a dorm room with a night-owl roommate or a bunk bed with your obnoxious little brother. That’s why PrivacyPop created the bed tent. It’s a tent that fits snugly over your bed with zip-up doors on each side. You can choose all black for optimum privacy or some cheerier colors to brighten your room.

The bed tent is also great for people who work nights and sleep all day or those whose windows do a terrible job at blocking out the sunlight. This sleepytime innovation also provides some much needed relief for people who suffer from anxiety. The bed tent is a perfect way to completely shut out the outside world and catch a breather.

It’s cool for kids who want to camp indoors…

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…or for keeping the bugs out when you’re actually camping.