Beijing Government Is Shaming Polluters Over Social Media

It’s posting photos of the worst corporate offenders on Weibo.

Image via Flickr user LWYang

Beijing is no stranger to naming and shaming its rule breakers through the media. Business people and celebrities have appeared on state-run television to confess crimes. The government has posted online the names of people who break public smoking bans. And in the midst of record air pollution, the government started publishing the names of the nation’s 10 most smoggy cities in 2013.

Clearly, the country’s smog problem is not fixed, so Beijing is now using its account on the microblogging site Weibo to photograph, name and shame companies that are caught doing horrible things to the environment. A few examples, as discovered by Mashable: This restaurant did not use clean energy, and will be “punished,” according to the government’s caption.

Image via Sina Weibo

This factory was busted with a coal-burning boiler:

Image via Sina Weibo

Compelling photography it is not. But Beijing is certainly in need of new ideas to help solve its pollution woes. Earlier this month, the Chinese capital raised its air pollution alert to “red” for the first time since it implemented a color-coded system two years ago. People stayed home from work and school as the city was choked with a thick layer of smog.

(Via Mashable)