The Best And Worst States To Have A Baby In 2018

by Tod Perry

August 16, 2018

Having a baby changes every aspect of your life. Your finances, family dynamics, and professional life can all go through a complete upheaval. It can also cause you to rethink where you live. 

People often move from urban communities to the more family-friendly suburbs upon starting a family. Some even more to another state to be close to relatives.

So where is the best state to have a baby in 2018? 

A new study from Wallethub compared all 50 states and the District of Columbia across 26 key measures of cost, health care accessibility, and family friendliness. Vermont topped the list by ranking number one in lowest infant mortality rate, pediatricians-per capita, and child care centers per capita. The state came in second in most midwives and OB-Gyns as well.

Mississippi ranked the worst due to its high infant mortality rate and poor access to healthcare professionals. 

Check out your state on the map to see where it ranks:

Source: WalletHub

The worst states to have a baby.

Read the entire study at Wallethub. 



Shrae image by Black nexus cz Photography/Flickr

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The Best And Worst States To Have A Baby In 2018