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The Best ‘Covfefe’ Theories The Internet Has To Offer

Are you team cov-fee-fee or cov-fay-fay?

Covfefe is everything.

Early this morning, Trump gave Americans the greatest gift to date: covfefe. With one nonsensical tweet—“Despite the constant negative press covfefe”—Trump was able to unite Americans from all walks of life in a moment of “Wait, what?” Twitter, typically reserved for Odyssean-level feuds, turned into a virtual block party last night, bringing everyone together in riffs, memes, puns, and rapid-fire GIFs.

It’s been hours now, and honestly, I’m still riding that covfefe high.

Of course, plenty of theories abounded last night in an attempt to explain what Trump could possibly mean by “covfefe.” Senator Al Franken had his own speculation, jokingly telling CNN that “Covfefe is a Yiddish term for ‘I’ve gotta go to bed now,’” adding, “I think this is the least disturbing thing in the Trump administration.”

The amount of comedy this strange new word has produced is endless, but here are our 13 current favorite attempts by the internet to humorously explain covfefe.

The beginning of a new product line

A satanic revelation

The orb has spoken

It’s part of all of us

Russian for “I resign”

A presidential conspiracy

A secret code

A natural bodily function (I couldn’t resist, you guys)

Just that little something extra

A bumpin’ new club

Your phone trying to tell you something

Then there’s this guy who doesn’t care what it means, he’s just got to have it.

Of course, you could always go the logical route, but knowing Trump, logic had nothing to do with this.

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