Trump’s First 100 Days Explained In 100 Tweets

The measure of this president’s performance in the medium he knows best

Typically, we evaluate a president’s first 100 days based on what they’ve accomplished. Historians and journalists began using the first 100 days as a tidy benchmark after Franklin D. Roosevelt set legislative records in the early days of his presidency, signing 76 bills into law and rolling out the New Deal.

Sill, some historians say a president’s first few months in office are a poor indicator of what they’ve achieved and what is yet to come. As Princeton history professor Julian Zelizer wrote in The Atlantic, “Putting too much pressure on success in the first 100 days creates incentives for quick, and sometimes hasty, action… Asking how presidents did in the first 100 days usually tells us little about what is to come and might even create the exact political incentives we need to avoid.”

We do have one clear display of evidence for Trump’s productivity—his tweets. By evaluating his presidential performance and character in 100 tweets, we can reflect on what we’ve already gleaned and better prepare ourselves for the months and years ahead. Keep scrolling to learn everything you need to know about Trump’s past and future tweets.

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