Joe Biden Just Revealed What His Favorite Biden-Obama Bromance Meme Is

Yup, he’s in on the joke

Throughout the Barack Obama’s presidency, it was clear that he and Vice President Joe Biden weren’t just partners in politics. They were clearly good friends, too. While that might not seem important, in an age of political cynicism, fans of the President delighted in creating memes that brought a funny, sometimes absurd, look at the bromance between the two politicos.

In case you thought Joe Biden wasn’t aware of the phenomenon, you should really give Diamond Joe a little more credit. Not only was he hip to the memes, but according to a recent interview with his daughter, Ashley, he even had a favorite one. In an interview with Moneyish, she said he spent an hour parsing through the memes and laughing. You know, just like everyone else does.

Here’s Biden’s favorite, perhaps because it’s currently the most relevant of anything in the extensive Biden-Obama meme catalog:

Hopefully, their relationship after occupying the White House will be as fruitful as these many, many memes hope it is.