African-American Man Reveals The Three Things He Can’t Stand About Living In China

He says it in Chinese, too.

via YouTube

Last week, GOOD shared a Chinese TV commercial for laundry detergent that upset many Westerners for being outrageously racist. In the ad, a Chinese woman takes a black man, shoves him in the clothes washer and, after a thorough washing, he comes out a clean, good-looking Chinese man. The video exposed a long-held racist view pervasive in Asian cultures that dark skin is dirty.

Here’s what some GOOD subscribers thought of the commercial:

Now, after seeing a prime example of the overt racism that exists in Asia, this first-hand account by an African-American man living in China exposes the day-to-day prejudice he’s experienced over the past three years. In the video, a New Yorker who calls himself Li Heishuai (“Handsome Black” in English) reveals the three major things that he’s fed up with: Being called “black devil,” people not believing that he’s American, and people asking about the size of his genitals.

Warning: This video contains strong language.