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The Black Youth Project Releases Decade-Long Study on Black Milennials

They report that more than half of black youth know a victim of police violence.

The Black Youth Project released a decade-long report on black millennials, the first of its kind, which presents research that shows black millennials face challenges in employment, healthcase, education that are unique from their non-black counterparts. The data, compiled from national surveys and government reports, reveals that communities of black youth experience higher unemployment rates, higher rates of poverty, higher incidences of gun-related homicides.

“More than half of Black youth said that either they or someone they know was harassed or experienced violence from the police, compared with a third of white youth and a quarter of Latino youth,” writes BYP. “Clearly, any harassment or violence from police is too much. But the data indicate that Black youth experience it at disproportionately high rates compared to young people from other groups.”

The report also shows that black youth are more likely to vote than white or Latino youth, but they’re also more likely to be asked to show identification when voting. Still, despite their high voter turnout, black youth express “feelings of alienation” from the political process and say they don’t have much confidence in their political leaders.

“The data… highlight the diversity of experiences and opinions among the millennial generation,” write the authors of the report. “These differences exist not only across racial groups, but are also found among across sex or gender and age groups. But just as there is no monolithic millennial generation, there also is no monolithic Black millennial generation.”

Infographic by the Black Youth Project

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