This Behind-The-Scenes Video Shows The Journey Of Blood From Donation To Recipient

Blood donors help save a life every three seconds

Most people can’t handle the sight of blood. It’s generally revered as stomach-turning, inciting the worry that something has gone terribly wrong for this thick, red fluid to be revealing itself on the surface. On the contrary, blood is quite beautiful.

This powerhouse fluid is constantly circulating throughout the human body, which contains anywhere between 5 to 7 liters on average, regulating oxygen levels, nutrients and waste removal. For sick people in need around the world, blood gives them a chance at survival; in fact, it’s estimated that every three seconds, someone needs blood. That’s why blood donation and the willingness of volunteers is paramount.

Netherlands nonprofit Sanquin, a blood supply organization, recently released a video illustrating the journey of blood from the time of donation to its final destination: saving a life. If you’ve ever donated blood, you may have believed the process to be simple: sit in a chair, allow time to pass and walk out feeling rewarded for a good deed done.

Though that’s where it all begins, the blood donated by volunteers goes through a lengthy process from testing to more testing to preparation before it can be delivered to those in need. Watch the video above for a closer look at the journey of your blood in the selfless act of donating.