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Brawny Is Making Its Iconic Lumberjack Female In Honor Of Women’s History Month

“Strength has no gender”

It might not be a huge step in the struggle for gender equality, but paper towel manufacturer Brawny is doing what it can for Women’s History Month, replacing the company’s longtime burly lumberjack with a faceless female figure donning the iconic red flannel shirt.

The move is part of a bigger initiative denoted by the hashtag #StrengthHasNoGender. Accompanying the genderswapped figure is a moving video that travels through a hall of influential and revolutionary women, busting through glass and symbolizing the progress that has been made as these icons broke barriers.

The video, along with several others on YouTube, is “celebrating strong women who inspire us all.”

The company’s leveraging this campaign to raise funds for Girls Inc., contributing $75,000 of their own money and creating a platform for public donations as well. Girls Inc. helps preteen and teenage girls further their education in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields.

The movement has found a very high-profile champion and influential woman in her own right, Serena Williams, who is sharing the campaign on her social media accounts.

The hashtag has also allowed Twitter users to share their own strong women, whether they’re themselves or others.

While it’s easy to read a headline about Brawny switching out its male marketing figure for a female one, it’s clear that it’s just one facet of a pretty impressive effort by Brawny to remind the world not only the parade of women who have changed history, but of those who will change the future as well.

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