Cafe Owner Stands Up for Breastfeeding Women

An Australian cafe owner stands up for women everywhere.

Jessica-Anne Allen, owner of “Cheese and Biscuits,” a cafe in Queensland, Australia, has received positive attention across the globe by standing up for women everywhere. Last week, a breastfeeding woman in her cafe was upset by a man who demanded that she “cover up,” so Allen promptly kicked him out.

Allen said “a middle aged gentleman” returned to the counter after ordering a coffee on Wednesday to “inform us there was a mother breastfeeding out there and we might want to ask her to cover up.”

[quote position="full" is_quote="true"]We told him that we are a breastfeeding-friendly cafe...and we would never ask a mother to cover up when she is feeding her child.[/quote]

Allen said she couldn’t believe that “in this day and age” women were being asked to hide breastfeeding, and that she kicked him out because she didn’t want the anonymous mother to be embarrassed.

Allen couldn’t believe the response she received after posting about the encounter on Facebook.

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(H/T) The Brisbane Times