Brian Schweitzer Orchestra

In addition to any reaction you may read or have had yourself from Hillary's barnburner last night, let's take a moment to reflect on the real clear star of the evening, Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer (not sure if the networks carried this speech) who was wearing jeans and a bolo tie, and was also hilarious. Schweitzer is the poster child of the new breed of gun-friendly, conservationist-minded centrist Democrats who are leading a blue revolution in western states (see also: Montana Senator John Tester, Colorado Governor Bill Ritter, and both Udalls running for Senate in Colorado and New Mexico). He is also a laugh riot and was hamming it up non-stop during his speech. Plus, he made a lot of excellent points about our energy policy, in between the laughably corny lines about John McCain. Do we smell a bid for Energy Secretary Schweitzer in an Obama administration?