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Brie Larson’s Inspiring Words for Anyone With a Creative Dream

One of the highlights of the Oscars isn’t televised during the show.

One of the highlights of the Oscars isn’t televised during the show. It’s the backstage interviews in the pressroom, where the winners are essentially trapped to dig deeper into how they feel. The winners are still jacked up on adrenaline and vulnerably high, and then they are dangled in front of the press. This is where Jennifer Lawrence, winning in 2013 for Silver Linings Playbook, showed how funny and grounded she is, telling the crowd that she took a shot just before she entered the room.

This Sunday, it was Brie Larson’s turn. The 2016 best actress wasn’t as earthy as Lawrence, but her words were heartfelt. She spoke about the internal struggles any artist experiences. “I personally had many moments of crossroads. Probably hundreds of moments of crossroads, where I could go the way that people told me to go or I could go the way that felt right within me.”

Larson said she was grateful for the path she took to reach this moment. “I think to live this life, it’s a bizarre combination of being plastic and incredibly stubborn … to have no expectation, but to have an idea about a beautiful horizon that’s in front of you and constantly moving towards it.”

Best supporting actress Alicia Vikander’s interview echoed those themes. Asked what advice she had for young girls, she answered, “You can actually do it. It’s been so many doubts, and they’re still there ... Apparently a lot of things can be possible … and that’s only because I’ve had some incredible women supporting me.”

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