Random act of beauty: 7-year-old jumps into pool to try and save drowning toddler.

With the adults away, a young boy rescued a drowning toddler.

Curious toddlers and swimming pools are known to be a dangerous combination. A series of security videos from a home in Brazil reveal just how close a little boy came to drowning in the family’s swimming pool.

Fortunately, the heroics of his 7-year-old cousin, Pedro, saved the helpless boy from a tragic end. As the toddler approaches the pool to touch the water, he falls forward and doesn’t surface.

In a matter of seconds, he runs outdoors and dives into the pool to rescue his cousin.

The boy’s mother and aunt, who posted the video, were inside the home at the time, but were unaware of the incident until they heard the younger boy’s crying as he was being rescued from the pool.

The description on YouTube says: "My 7-year-old nephew was drawing and heard the noise in the pool. He had the most incredible reaction for a child of 7 years. Neither I, nor my sister, heard the noise, just the desperate cries of my nephew."

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