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Building a Better Future: Critical Questions on Heat Building a Better Future: Critical Questions on Heat

Building a Better Future: Critical Questions on Heat

by Alex Steffen Jennifer Daniel

December 9, 2009

This is one of eight sets of questions to consider when envisioning a city that can win the climate fight. Read the introduction, and take a look at an overview of all eight.

From where does your heat come? What are the temperature ranges where you live, and how are those expected to change? How much of the heating and cooling in your area are provided by fossil fuels or dirty electricity? How many people live in "passive" houses: well-insulated, well-designed homes that can stay warm in the winter without much heat, and cool in the summer without air conditioning? How much CO2 does the average resident of your city emit while heating and cooling their homes, and how does this compare with the best standards out there, like those in Germany or Italy?


In Hopenhagen, we can turn wind into wealth. Sustainability is a growth industry, and Siemens is a leader with the largest environmental solutions portfolio in the world, saving 148 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions a year. In the past five years, Siemens offshore wind turbines saved 8 million tons of carbon emissions a year. And with the world's largest offshore wind farm under construction, Siemens promises even greater return on the investment in sustainability. 

For more ways on how Siemens has answers for climate control, visit

Illustration by Jennifer Daniel.

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Building a Better Future: Critical Questions on Heat