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People Are Taking the #CondomChallenge to Promote Safe Sex

If you do it right, it’s like your head is in a fishbowl.

There’s a new hashtag craze that’s hitting the internet, the #CondomChallenge. Here’s how to do it:

1. Grab a friend.

2. Take a latex condom and fill it with water ’til that sucker resembles a water balloon and tie it at the end.

3. Have your friend sit in a bathtub and drop the condom on their head.

4. If the condom wraps around your friend’s head without breaking or spilling any water, you’ve won.

Besides the obvious entertainment value, why are people competing in the challenge? It’s to promote safe sex. The challenge proves the idea that condoms are extremely durable and elastic. So there’s no excuse to doubt the effectiveness of condoms or second-guess their ability to accommodate the size of any human male’s “member.” According to the vice president of research and evaluation for the California Family Health Council, a condom is so amazing that it would take “three full watermelons before it would pop. I don’t know if you know guys with a penis the size of a watermelon.”

Here are some crazy kids pushing the boundaries of prophylactic play.

Slow-mo of a condom perfectly landing on this girl’s head. Now she knows what it’s like to live in a fishbowl.

When you're bored in Lamoni?? #condomchallenge

A video posted by Jady Polson (@jady_polson) on

This girl looks like she’s ready to rob a bank after a successful challenge.

Lol the girl in the background tag a friend ?????? #condomchallenges #condomchallenge

A video posted by condom challenges (@condomchallnges) on

She may believe in safe sex, but she’s daring enough to take the challenge outside of a bathtub.

After a few tries we did it. #condomchallenge (excuse my creepy face)

A video posted by Theresa Walsh (@t_swizzllle) on

These bros are going to need to mop up their kitchen in 5,4,3,2…

The challenge here is to avoid suffocating.

Condomchallenge with @sdam_azafarz #condomchallenge #spacehelmet #stupidityatitsfinest

A video posted by Zack Spenner (@zack_spenner) on

WARNING: Placing a latex condom atop your head may cause suffocation. Please practice the #CondomChallenge like you would sex: safely.

(H/T Cosmopolitan)

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