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Teen Comes Out To Her Family In One Fantastically Unforgettable Moment

A pretty exciting way to get the news.

via Twitter

For most LGBT teens, coming out of the closet will be one of the most difficult parts of their lives. Opening up about your sexuality to family, friends, and the public at large can put you at risk for scorn and ridicule. But 16-year-old Gina from California decided to take a lighthearted approach to her telling her “super supportive” family she was lesbian. “I am not the type of person to have a deep, sit-down conversation, so I wanted to tell them in a lighthearted and fun way,” she said. So, she went to the Happiest Place on Earth, Disneyland.

via Twitter: @ginaslife3

For her dramatic reveal, she got in the back seat of a log on Disneyland’s Splash Mountain with a rainbow-colored sign that read “I’m Gay.” “I love funny ride photos so I figured I could make the sign just in case I decided to go for it, and I did,” she told Buzzfeed News. When she reached to top of the ride’s climax, a 52-foot drop, she held the sign up proudly, while the camera snapped a photo of her descending the mountain. Since she posted her photo on Twitter yesterday, Gina’s tweet has been retweeted 4600 times and attracted 8200 favorites. “People have responded saying I’ve inspired them to do the same thing, which I think is the coolest part of it all,” she said.

Here are some of the positive responses she’s received for her tweet.

And some people wanted to know why the other girls in the flume looked so bummed out.

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