'Kindness Cab' Hands Out Free Rides and Free Books

TV host Leon Logothetis will offer free cab rides in 11 cities between New York City and Los Angeles, then donate the accrued fares to local schools.

Need a ride? Starting October 24, television host Leon Logothetis will drive from New York City to Los Angeles in a vintage cab, offering free rides to strangers along the way. He'll keep the meter running the whole way, and the total accrued fare will be donated to charity.

Logothetis previously traveled across the country on just $5 a day for National Geographic’s 2006 series Amazing Adventures of a Nobody, which aired in more than 100 countries. He often relied on the selflessness of others for food, shelter, and transportation. Now, he’s retracing his steps, winding his "Kindness Cab" through 11 cities, including Chicago, Denver, and Las Vegas. The total amount on the meter from each city will be donated to a local school to help them buy books through the nonprofit ClassWish. Proceeds from Logothetis' new book documenting his cross-country travels will cover the donations, with any leftover cash coming from his own pocket.

“I was so inspired when I crossed America on the kindness of strangers,” Logothetis says. “I think this new trip can also serve as inspiration, and it’s a great way for me to give back to the communities that helped me so much. Even if only one child is inspired to become a lifelong reader, I feel my book giveaway will have been a success.”

Want to hitch a free ride yourself? Tweet Logothetis with the hashtag #thekindnesscab or write to him on Facebook, and he could be picking you up in no time.

In the meantime, track the trek to Los Angeles:

New York – October 24
Washington, D.C. – October 26
Cincinnatti – October 28
Indianapolis – October 29
Chicago – October 31
St. Louis – November 3
Denver – November 7
Santa Fe – November 9
Phoenix – November 11
Las Vegas – November 12
Los Angeles – November 14

via Jason S Campbell / Twitter

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