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Cathie Black Gives Her First TV Interview

After scrupulously avoiding the media, the Bloomberg's designee for schools chancellor finally submits to a television interview.


WABC-7, New York City's local affiliate scored the first interview with Cathie Black, the former publishing executive that Mayor Bloomberg recently appointed as the new chancellor for New York City schools who is now at the center of a huge debate as to whether she's qualified to run the system. (A father in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Park Slope filed a lawsuit on Friday against state educators for granting a waiver to Black to serve as chancellor despite having a background completely lacking in aggression.)

Whereas GothamSchools referred to the conversation as Black having "a friendly softball toss" with education reporter Art McFarland, there were some tough questions asked, especially in the second, more substantive part of the interview (which is embedded above) It does seem like Black knew the questions ahead of time and that the rules for the interview didn't allow for follow-ups. When all was said and done, McFarland characterized Black as "a quick study."

As to whether Black will carry on outgoing Chancellor Joel Klein's reforms, she left no doubt that she will. "I haven't seen anything that he's put in place that I would say, 'I don't concur with,'" said Black. "We're in complete alignment."

How does she want to be remembered when her tenure (which officially begins January 3) ends, McFarland asked? "[A] champion for kids," she responded.

For further exploration, here are parts one and three of the interview.

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