Palin's First Interview! (Updated)

Charlie Gibson and ABC scored the first press interview with Sarah Palin since she became McCain's running mate. Click play and spend 10 minutes with the woman who could end up running America.
Charlie Gibson seems to have a slightly better grasp of what it would mean to let the Ukraine and Georgia into NATO and of the " Bush Doctrine ." His reputation was on the line . Palin, for her part, says "nucular" (min. 5:00), which can't hurt her chances if recent elections are any indication.Your thoughts? UPDATE: Matt Damon really wants to know if Palin thinks the earth is 4,000 years old. UPDATE: She's heading to Fox News next , to receive a relaxing shiatsu massage from Sean Hannity (Hannity on Palin: "She is a rock star, a rising star, a reform governor with more experience than Barack Obama ever dreamed of having"). Is this damage control? Thanks Nikhil.