Why All These Celebrities Are Suddenly Doing 22 Push Ups

Drop and give them 22

The Rock, aka Dwayne Johnson, takes the Push Up Challenge (YouTube)

It’s not a new celebrity fitness craze. Have you noticed the trend of celebrity videos popping up online lately where someone films themselves doing 22 push ups? It turns out, it’s actually for a very important cause: raising awareness about the roughly 20 U.S. military veterans who commit suicide every day.

Unlike the Ice Bucket Challenge, which has raised more than $115 million, the 22 Push Up Challenge effort isn’t raising any money yet … It’s simply trying to bring attention to an incredibly important mental health issue. Specifically, the group 22Kill says they have four primary goals:

  • Raise awareness to veteran suicide and mental health issues such as PTS.
  • Educate the public about current veteran-related topics and issues
  • Recruit Veteran Advocates aka “Battle Buddies”
  • Support various partnered organizations who focus on veteran empowerment, mental health treatment, and other services for veterans and their families

Kevin Hart Takes the Push Up Challenge (YouTube)

And it’s not just celebrities getting in on the action. According to the group, more than 8,300,000 push ups have been completed, which equals about 360,000 individuals. Much like the Ice Bucket Challenge, the Push Up Challenge works by having someone finish the 22 push ups then challenging someone else to take the challenge.

So, if you want to help raise awareness about military veterans in need, it doesn’t cost you a penny, just a few drops of sweat. So, get your camera phone ready and show your community you’ve got what it takes to put down suicide forever.

Chris Evans takes the Push Up Challenge (YouTube)

via Jim Browing / YouTube

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