Charlie Sheen Browser Blocker Makes Your Internet a Sheen-Free Zone

Download this browser tool to block all those annoying mentions of Charlie Sheen.

If you're like us, chances are you see the dark side to Charlie Sheen's recent rise to infamy. While many people are getting their kicks watching the actor scream about "winning" and "tiger's blood," there's something a bit sad about the whole affair. He did lose his job and his kids have been taken away, after all.

Thankfully, coder Greg Leuch and the people at are here to save you from the madness that is the media feeding frenzy on Sheen's descent. "Tinted Sheen" is available for both Firefox and Chrome. Download it for either browser and any mention of Charlie Sheen on any website you visit will be blocked by a dark bar, leaving you free to peruse the rest of the page in peace.

Sorry, Charlie.