Clifton's Cafeteria Serves Up Jello Salad and Nostalgia

Step inside this old-timey cafeteria in downtown Los Angeles, the last vestige of an earlier time

Our last stop in Los Angeles before heading north was Clifton's Cafeteria, an old-school eatery located in a not-yet-gentrified section of downtown. Founded during the Great Depression, Clifton's never turned patrons away for lack of money, and its decor and menu seem unchanged since the 1930s. Fake pine trees and taxidermy turn the dining room into a kind of offbeat Disney forest, and dessert options run the gamut from raisin pie to Jello molds.

Image: Pick a dessert or whatever you might like, a Creative Commons Attribution No-Derivative-Works (2.0) image from nedraggett's photostream