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Hillary Clinton Could Not Have Picked A Better Spot For Her Election Night Party

It all has to do with one architectural detail

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Just when you thought Hillary Clinton could not get more badass (check out Adele and James Franco’s endorsements for reference), she upped her game one million percent. For her election night party, Clinton will be hosting a massive event at the Javits Center in Manhattan, an 840,000 square-foot venue that features one particularly interesting architectural element: a glass ceiling.

You can probably imagine how this will play into her speech on election night. After Clinton’s camp sent out invitations to offices on Capitol Hill on Wednesday and word got out about the location, Twitter users were quick to make the obvious connection. The less obvious connection, as savvy tweeter and NBC political reporter Alex Seitz-Wald pointed out, is that Trump had a role in constructing the building and offered his services only on the condition that they name the structure after him.

As we all know now, developers rejected his offer and the building was not named after him, but after republican Senator Jacob K. Javits instead. As Mashable points out, there is a chance Hillary Clinton could host her event in the part of the building with a normal, opaque ceiling, but that would be almost as big of a letdown as this entire election cycle. We’ve seen Clinton break metaphorical glass ceilings before, so it’ll be a cathartic experience to see her party under one come election night.

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