Coding for GOOD: Send Us Your Final Projects Coding for GOOD: Send Us Your Final Projects

Coding for GOOD: Send Us Your Final Projects

by GOOD Partner

December 6, 2012

This content was produced by GOOD with support of Apollo Group

Over a month ago GOOD and Apollo Group announced the launch of Coding for GOOD, an opportunity to gain skills in coding and, for one lucky participant, a chance to work with us here at GOOD. The free online program offers sixteen easy-to-follow lessons, with challenges, quizzes and videos to help you along the way.

For those of you that have been following along, it’s time to show us what you’ve learned. You’ve spent the past four weeks honing your skills in HTML, CSS, Java Script and APIs so start showing off. We have extended our deadline, so between today and December 30, we'll be accepting submissions for your final projects. The lessons will continue to be available, so if you haven’t finished learning yet, you can keep going–or just use the lessons for reference as you begin your project.

There are three projects to choose from:

1. Build an interactive experience using HTML, CSS and Javascript
2. Create a utility using API integration
3. Develop an informative website from scratch using HTML and CSS

Click here to learn more about each of the options. Take your time, show us your creativity, personality and your skills. If you find yourself needing help check out our weekly online office hours, Thursdays 12-4 p.m. PST here or email us at

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Coding for GOOD: Send Us Your Final Projects