Comedian Uses Her Personal Experience To Perfectly Show How We Take Choosing Our Own Restroom For Granted

Many of us might not realize the importance of the ‘bathroom issue’. You will after reading this.

The so-called “bathroom issue” has dominated the news for the better part of a year now. Recent outrage and fear upon the removal of transgender protections allowing students to choose the bathroom they identify most closely with has turned a very personal issue (going to the bathroom) into a political one.

But it’s a practical one, too. While much of the nation may just now be getting familiar with the issue, it’s a matter that’s plagued the identity of non-binary citizens their whole lives.

Recently, comedian Rhea Butcher issued her thoughts on the matter via her Twitter account. Her personal experience, though not necessarily universal, offer a perspective that escapes the trappings of states’ rights and legislation in order to explain why something as how you’re told can go to the bathroom can affect how you value yourself.