Announcing The GOOD 100! An Interactive Experience

Our second-ever collection of people, things, and ideas we're betting on.

What does tomorrow look like?

To assemble our second-ever GOOD 100 list (check out the first here ), we surveyed culture and politics to pick out trends and seemingly minor moments that tell us where we’re all headed, together. The big picture is pretty exciting. We’re taking action, not just sitting around. We’re going small-scale to make a big impact. We’re returning to things that worked a long time ago but haven’t worked for quite a while—the street protest, printed matter, local manufacturing—and adapting them. We’re finally taking our kindergarten teacher’s advice and learning how to share. And even though we’re kind of over the idea of material possessions, we’re more excited than ever to learn how to make stuff. We’re doing all of this simultaneously, because the world is too complex and broken and beautiful and exciting to tackle one thing at a time.

Here are 100 glimpses of the immediate future , in a unique interactive experience thanks to our partner Fiat . What's the new Apple? The new unpaid internship? The new Adderall? The new black? We've got your answers.

We also want to hear your 2012 predictions. Click the "submit" button and let us know .

For a taste, check out this video: