The GOOD 100: 2013 Edition

Here it is: The 2013 edition of the GOOD 100.


Josh To: Helping Startups with Space and a Boost

Isa Adney: Redefining What it Means to Be a Student

Josh McManus: Transforming Cities One Little Idea at a Time

Brad Ludden: Taking Cancer Survivors and Patients On Outdoor Adventures


Yazmany Arboleda: Unexpected Moments of Hot Pink

Miles Jackson: Skating For Change

Proco Joe Moreno: The "Hipster" Politician Carrying Chicago On His Back

Roberts Mbabazi: Brewing Industry Opportunities in Uganda


Jerri Chou: 'All The World's A Feast'

Ashel Eldridge: Food Justice Organizer

Julia Kaganskiy: Who Marries Art to Technology

Candy Chang: Who Believes Communities Are People Too


Jacob Soboroff: Media Guru Pushing for Election Reform

Garett Brennan: Clean Energy Warrior

Josh Kalven: Making Your News Digestible

Tig Notaro: Sharing Her Story and Upping Cancer Awareness


Tiffiniy Cheng: 'The Internet Belongs to the People'

Kosta Grammatis: Bringing the Internet to the Ends of the Earth

Morgwn Rimel: Exploring Good Ideas for Everyday Life

Talia Leman: The Teen CEO Helping Kids Change the World


Jose Vilson: Providing the Megaphone for Student Voices

Kurt Shaw: Using New Media to Stand Up for Change

Janet Mock: Building an Online Army to Defend #GirlsLikeUs

Ilwad (Elle) Elman: Equipping Somali Youth for the Future


Rick Devos: Making Good Ideas Happen

John Cary: Designing for Impact

Christinia Xu: Supporting Creativity for Meaningful Change

Kelly Jones: Offering Artists and Designers a Helping Hand


Andrew Slack: Human Rights Champion and Harry Potter Fanatic

Nate Westheimer: Keeping Your Memories Safe and Sound

Scott Thrift: Getting Creative With Time

Lance Weiler: 21st Century Storyteller


Casey Ryder: Using Art to Push for Change

Kerem Halbrecht: Solving Urban Problems at Warp Speed

Aaron Perry-Zucker: Connecting Artists to Worthy Causes

Adam Butler: Who Never Wastes a Crisis


Bill Shannon: Keeping it Moving

Yael Cohen: The Revolution Will Not Be Whispered

Kristen Bell: Making Positive Use of Her Spotlight

Ehon Chan: Talking a New Kind of Tough


Jonas Chartock: Teacher Leadership Advocate

Phillip Cooley: Reinventing the Pork Barrel

Barbara Hou: Empowering Through Education

Sarah Ippel: Green Education Pioneer


Mohamed Ali Niang: Packing a Nutritional Punch in Food

Patrick Martins: Saving Endangered Livestock One Burger at a Time

Kate Atwood: Combatting Childhood Hunger in the U.S.

Jess Daniel: Scientist of Eating


Kirsten Lodal: Telling the Story of Poverty in America

Jessamyn Rodriguez: Cooking Up Job Opportunities

Veronika Scott: Clothing and Empowering Detroit's Homeless Population

Zubaida Bai: Engineering Kits for Healthier Births


Michael Hearst: Curing Pre-Flight Jitters Through Tunes

Adam Sjoberg: Creating Art for Good and Social Change

Paul Kamuf: Syncing Film to the Latest Technology

Leni Zumas: Putting the Human Condition on Paper


Marcin Jakubowski: Making Machines Work Smarter

Teddy Krolik: Engaging Baltimore's Community in Grassroots Activism

Genevieve Debose: Pushing Education Reform Forward

Todd Park: Innovation Through Free Data


Zach Sims: Bringing Coding to the Masses

Nicole Glaros: Navigating Start Ups to Success

Leo Prieto: Shaking Up Mass Media

Debbie Sterling: Giving Young Girls a New Role Model: An Engineer


Danny Hess: Borrowing From the Past to Build Surfboards of the Future

Tanya Aguiniga: Power to the Artisans

Chris Ying: Creating Delicious Reads and Visual Feasts

Shantell Martin: Drawing on Everything


Eric Garcetti: Angeleno Mayor Hopeful Pushing Citywide Change

Anna Aagenes: 21st Century Team Player

Chloe Varelidi: Playing to Connect, Learn, and Inspire

Bruno Giussani: Spreading Good Ideas Worldwide


Rob Spiro: Making Food More Accessible

Josh Nesbit: Creating Healthier Communities With a Simple Cellphone

Sean Bonner: Measuring Air Quality

Ory Okolloh: Nurturing the Future Female Leaders of Africa


Eden Full: Harnessing the Power of the Sun

Ludwick Marishane: Revolutionizing the Way We Bathe

Eben Bayer: Challenging Our Need for Plastic

Adam Garone: The Mustache Behind the Movement


Todd Sutler: Making Learning an Ongoing Mission

Jason Silva: 'Performance Philosopher'

Barbara Soalheiro: Inspiring and Learning Through Trial and Error

Dana Arbib: Bringing Human Rights to High Fashion


Tippy Tippens: Designing for Social Change

Martin Tull: Making Sports Sustainable

Rahul Raj: Advocating Against Disposable Consumer Culture

Georges Laraque: The Hockey Player Turned Champion for Animal Rights


Raj Panjabi: Making Primary Healthcare Accessible

Priti Radhakrishnan: Making Medicine Affordable

Dr. Victoria Hale: Healthcare Champion for Women

Priya Haji: Playing to Save


Tiffany Shlain: Changing the Way We Make Movies

Audrey Buchanan: Innovator Impressario

George Srour: Focusing on Education and Building Tomorrow, Starting Today

Abby Falik: Reinventing College Prep


Ryan Gravel: Building a Better Future

Phil Kidd: Defender of Youngstown, Ohio

Jason Roberts: Giving New Life to Underutilized Areas

Oliver Percovich: Skating for Educational and Social Change