Presenting the 2013 GOOD 100

A couple of months ago, we asked you to send nominations for our list of 100 individuals we should rally behind in 2013. The dazzling array that follows, curated from your submissions, consists of trailblazers and truth-tellers, defenders and disrupters, inventors and inciters, but they all share one basic trait: They are DOers.

This is our third installment of the GOOD 100, but it’s the first time we present the list as a call to action. For as inspiring and awesome as these 100 DOers are, they still need our help. So, as you learn about them on the following pages, we ask that you consider the ways you can support their efforts through action. Whether you can offer expertise, access to resources, or public support, we invite you to plug yourself into our Rube Goldberg-style apparatus. After all, as part of the GOOD community, you’re a DOer too. Let’s all do more good, together.

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