In Response To Trump’s Xenophobic Rhetoric, Conan O’Brien’s Taking His Show To Mexico

He's doing this now in the event that he won’t be allowed to later

In the six years since moving his show to TBS, the funniest episodes of Conan’s O’Brien’s show have come when he steps outside the United States visits foreign lands. Cuba, South Korea, Armenia, and Finland were all mined not just for comedy, but also to open his viewers’ eyes to lives and cultures that they might not be exposed to otherwise.

Yesterday, in response to Donald Trump’s insistence and proposed financial plan to build a wall, Conan was quick to announce that in less than a month, he’ll be taking his show to Mexico. He’ll be hiring an all-Mexican crew, playing to an all-Mexican audience, and featuring Mexican guests.

This announcement and its timing are clearly a protest of the isolationist and racist notion of building a wall separating the United States and Mexico. However, they also serve as a frightening harbinger of a scenario in which, if Trump’s sentiment spreads, the US-Mexico relationship is damaged to the point that businesses, even high-profile TV shows, can’t come and go freely between the two countries.

Here’s Conan’s announcement via video:

The special, titled “Conan Without Borders: Made In Mexico,” will air on March 1st.


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