Could the Khan Academy Close the Achievement Gap?

Salman Khan and our publisher head to the Dylan Ratigan Show to talk about flipping traditional school upside down.


What if every student could receive an individualized education and learn at his or her own pace? What if teachers could actually ensure that every student learned a concept to mastery? Innovative ideas like these are becoming a reality at the Khan Academy, a virtual school that flips traditional schooling on its head. It's a radical shift from what happens in schools right now, however. In fact, it's almost the complete inverse of traditional schooling. Instead of sitting in class lectures during the day and then doing homework alone at night, in the Khan Academy, students get instruction on a particular concept online at home and then practice the "homework" in class where a teacher and other students can help.

Khan Academy founder Salman Khan and our publisher Ben Goldhirsh visited the Dylan Ratigan Show on Tuesday to talk about why such a radical and innovative shift is needed in our nation's schools. Watch the video above for more insight into the online learning platform that could play a vital role in closing the achievement gap.