Crowdsourcing Farmers Market Reviews

For those who don't know it, WhatIsFresh is an awesome website (and Twitterer) with information about Manhattan and Brooklyn's many, many farmers markets and farmstands. They list hours and locations, and which vendors are there on what day, and what's in season. You can also search by item. Need tomatoes? You can search the site and see who has them, at what market, on what day. It's pretty useful as is, but it's about to get even better.
In December, say, there's not a ton to choose from other than bacon, pickles, and potatoes, but in the spring, summer, and fall it gets a little more overwhelming. To make shopping a little easier, WhatIsFresh is asking market regulars to send in reviews:
Do you have a neighborhood market that you go to regularly? Well, we need your knowledge of that market! We are looking for your weekly updates ... of what is available, what looks especially fresh, what vendors are absent at the market, etc.
It'll take you five minutes once a week. You can sign up here (I did!).

Photo from the Union Square farmers market in New York (CC) by Flickr user Yourdon