How Bill Shannon Redefines What Life on Crutches Looks Like

Artist, dancer, and provocateur Bill Shannon forces us to confront our assumptions about people living with disabilities.

A world-renowned break-dancer, artist, and “skate punk,” Bill Shannon was born with a degenerative disability that has kept him on crutches for most of his life. However, this disability has done everything but hinder his success. Shannon has incorporated his crutches into his street performances, calling attention to the prejudices the disabled face daily. Today, directors Sachi Cunningham and Chandler Evans are working on a documentary that will help bring Shannon’s story and message to the public. CRUTCH compiles over 500 hours of footage into one feature length film focusing on Shannon’s journey from disabled child to internationally recognized artist. For the crowdfunded project to be released on the intended date of January 2016, they need to reach their goal of raising $100,000 by July 17. You can contribute to the Kickstarter here.


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