Compact “Cube” Home Allows You to Live Almost Anywhere in the World

It’s a pop-up prefab with 360-degree views.

As part of GOOD’s eternal quest to find you cool dwellings that give you the freedom to live almost anywhere in the world, we bring you the Loft Cube Mobile Home. The Loft Cube was designed as a vision for how we should live in the future. It’s a high-tech nest for modern nomads and it can either be perched atop a skyscraper or set down in the foothills of a snowy mountain range.

Werner Aisslinger designed it back in 2003 as a solution to overcrowding in Berlin, and it looks like an extra terrestrial mobile home. According to Aisslinger, “The associations with UFO’s aren’t coincidental. I really wanted it to look as if it had just landed. Its got four legs which raise it from the surface it rests on so it sort of might take off again.”

The Loft Cube was designed to be a dwelling that young professionals on the move can take with them just as a snail carries its shell. “I think we have a deep-seeded need to take our homes with us,” Aisslinger says. The cheapest Loft Cube is currently available for €89,000, not including costs for utilities such as water and electricity.

Learn more at Loft Cube.