A Female Cyclist Deals With Catcalling Men In Way That Shuts Them Up Quickly

Maybe her reaction will teach them a lesson

It’s hard enough to be a cyclist on the busy streets of London without the added burden of sexual harassment during your ride. For one female cyclist, taking the high road and ignore the crass comments did nothing to curb the profane overtures, so she exacted a little vengeance before taking off in a different direction from her harassers’ van.

The video begins as painfully as you would imagine, but her parting shot, coupled with a few choice words from the motorcycle rider taking the video, brings a little satisfaction to an otherwise discouraging exchange.

There’s nothing inspiring or empowering about being objectified to the point of losing your cool, but hopefully her response curbs the future behavior of the two men in the truck and reminds us that this treatment occurs all the time without being reported. Maybe next time we see it happen, we’ll intervene before anger prevails.

I wonder excuse the two men gave when they returned from work short one side view mirror...