Dave Chappelle Sums Up the Rachel Dolezal Scandal Perfectly

He pretty much nailed it.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Although Dave Chappelle might be best known as a comedian, he has often been a prevalent source of racial commentary through “The Chappelle Show” and his stand-up. With the Rachel Dolezal NAACP scandal receiving so much media attention, it’s no surprise Chappelle chimed in with an astute response:

“There’s a white lady posing as a black lady. There’s not one thing that woman accomplished that she couldn’t have done as a white woman. There’s no reason! She just needed the braids! I don’t know what she was doing.”

He made the remarks during a commencement speech at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts, according to the Washington Post. Chappelle told the graduating students he planned on refraining from further comments on the scandal until Dolezal made more definitive statements about her identity which, he believes, will be “illuminating.”

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(h/t Mic)