Comedian Dave Chappelle Attends Town Hall To Offer Sincere Thoughts On Police Violence

Hello, neighbor

With the country fractured along political lines and with some elected representatives continuing to make themselves unavailable, people are looking to local town halls to address issues. One such civic assembly took place last week in the town of Yellow Springs, Ohio, which also happens to be where superstar comedian Dave Chappelle resides.

His appearance at the meeting is both heartening and captivating because it plays to his strengths as a charismatic speaker, without drawing on his celebrity or notoriety. He’s just a charming, well-spoken citizen looking to make his voice heard, the same as every other person in attendance.

He pleads with the city council to be vigilant in their search for a new police chief, following a New Year’s Eve incident where police used stun guns on two black men. Having grown up in Yellow Springs, Chappelle also offers a more general sentiment to his lifelong friends and neighbors saying, “In this Trump era, there’s an opportunity to show everybody that local politics reigns supreme.”

He’s clearly not alone in thinking that, as he’s surrounded by people in attendance who feel the same way, regardless of affiliation or leaning.