‘Dear Daddy’ Letter Exposes the Roots of Domestic Violence

‘One thing leads to another, so please stop it before it has the chance to begin.’

via YouTube

“Dear Daddy” is an open letter from an unborn baby girl to her father asking him to understand the danger she faces from the men in her life. It asks men to take responsibility for the sexist attitudes that young boys develop from their interactions with peers and role models early in life. “Dear Daddy” demonstrates how sexist joking among school-age children fosters anti-female attitudes that can evolve into violent behaviors as adults.

“Dear Daddy, I just wanted to thank you for looking after me so well, even though I am not yet born. I know you already try harder than Superman, and you might even let mommy eat sushi. But I need to ask you a favor. Warning. It’s about boys. Because you see, I will be born a girl, which means that by the time I’m 14, the boys in my class will have called me a whore, a b**ch, a c***t and many other things.”

(H/T Care Norway)